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Eduardo Besser

“Thank you Entrusted Services!!

 I am a physician and finally made the transition to electronic medical records a couple of years ago. Initially, I was using an individual IT consultant who worked for the medical software company. Unfortunately, that individual was often not available when my network was down.

 I looked around and fortunately hired Entrusted Services to manage my network and data back up. They have excellent customer service and have been available when I have needed them. Most importantly, they identified that the backup system originally set up by my IT consultant was not working.

 Luckily, I hired Entrusted Services and they set up a data backup solution that saved me when the server crashed. I would have lost months of data, including thousands of patient files and insurance information. They were able to restore all of the data and reboot the server in a short period of time, allowing me to get back to evaluating patients. 

I used to feel like I was not only a physician, but had to keep up to date with the IT as well. Fortunately, I now focus on my profession and allow Entrusted Services to manage my network.”

— Eduardo Besser, M.D.

John Jeffries

“We are glad to see you expanding your service to even more clients. In this world it is very difficult to find not only people of the caliber of you and your staff, but someone in the service business that actually understands the meaning of service. In the years we have been utilizing your services we have always been highly satisfied with everyone in your staff.”

— John Jeffries – CFO, Administrator, Pilgrim Terrace Homes

Linda Thompson

“After transitioning my business from Santa Barbara to New York, I continued working with Eric in a virtual capacity. Eric is patient and thorough making sure every concern is addressed, which can be challenging when not physically present. That my technology located in New York City works almost flawlessly is a testimony to Eric’s expertise. After working together for many years, he now anticipates and proactively suggests solutions to my evolving requirements. Even though NY offers plenty of options, I highly recommend Eric and Entrusted Services.”

— Linda Thompson – President, Olìe biologique

Tim Wilde

“I am a business man working from my home without the support of a company IT person. I rely heavily on my PC and if I’m not up and running I’m not paying the bills – literally. Entrusted Services has always been there for me from the smallest of problems to a complete PC replacement and transfer of all my data. They have always provided fast and reliable service and kept my down time to a minimum.”

— Tim Wilde, WestMark Sales, Inc.

Julie Taguchi and Robert Nagy

“Eric has been our only personal IT support since 1999, keeping our family up to speed with all our rapidly advancing computer technology. Cant live without him!”

— Julie Taguchi, M.D. and Robert Nagy, M.D.

Greg Putnam

“Entrusted Services, and especially Eric Adler, has been my primary computer technical support for at least the past 5 years. Their expertise in problem solving and excellent customer service, either by phone, in person, or via internet, have kept my business running smoothly and computer issues minimal. There are a number of computer services available and I have used several in the past but Eric and his very able associates have proved to be the best of the best. What has always impressed me is that it doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, they respond professionally and timely in all cases. Give them a try and see for yourself.”

— Greg Putnam, Ironstone LLC

Stuart Winthrop

“I own a very busy medical practice that is dependent on the smooth operation of a sophisticated computer network. Entrusted Services has supported my information technology systems for more than ten years, and is always there when I need help. Eric Adler and his team respond quickly when I have problems, but more importantly, Eric monitors our systems to ensure that we do not have problems. He helps us understand our evolving hardware and software needs in clear, non-technical terms, and always, always makes an effort to keep our ‘IT’ costs reasonable. I recommend Entrusted Services wholeheartedly.”

— Stuart Winthrop, Stuart R. Winthrop, M.D.

Laura McKone, Brass and Silver Traditions

“As the owner of a fast-paced ecommerce company, my IT needs are substantial. It is vital that all of our systems work smoothly. Entrusted Services handles our every need efficiently. Whether we need to expand our VoIP or computer systems, troubleshoot software problems, or correct hardware issues, Entrusted Services can always be relied upon to get the job done. Knowing they are there to support my business however needed, I am free to focus my energies on other aspects of growing my business. Entrusted Services gives me the peace of mind that I need to successfully grow and run my business.”

— Laura McKone, Brass and Silver Traditions

Scott Ehrnstein, SJLE Growth LLC

“By providing efficient service and intelligent direction, the Entrusted Services team has earned my respect and loyalty. To start, they helped me build a computer system that has met and continues to meet all my needs at a price that was well within my budget. And, when my hard drive crashed after many years of operating as designed, I was up and running with no loss of data in under three hours. I was glad to learn the value of competent IT support by watching Entrusted Services in action and am happy that they designed a network that gives me what I need and protects my data.”

— Scott Ehrnstein, SJLE Growth LLC

Tony Thomas, Partner, Witt Thomas Productions

“I have known and worked with Eric Adler for over 4 years. Eric is extremely conscientious as my technical consultant. He has never failed me and is tenacious in making sure my work is running smoothly. He goes well above and beyond the call of duty. Eric is very careful with all costs. He has always been responsive and resolves the problem. I have trusted Eric with all types of confidential material and do not have any concerns about his integrity. I would recommend Eric Adler strongly to anyone who needs him as a technical consultant.”

— Tony Thomas, Partner, Witt Thomas Productions

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