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Eduardo Besser

“Thank you Entrusted Services!!

 I am a physician and finally made the transition to electronic medical records a couple of years ago. Initially, I was using an individual IT consultant who worked for the medical software company. Unfortunately, that individual was often not available when my network was down.

 I looked around and fortunately hired Entrusted Services to manage my network and data back up. They have excellent customer service and have been available when I have needed them. Most importantly, they identified that the backup system originally set up by my IT consultant was not working.

 Luckily, I hired Entrusted Services and they set up a data backup solution that saved me when the server crashed. I would have lost months of data, including thousands of patient files and insurance information. They were able to restore all of the data and reboot the server in a short period of time, allowing me to get back to evaluating patients. 

I used to feel like I was not only a physician, but had to keep up to date with the IT as well. Fortunately, I now focus on my profession and allow Entrusted Services to manage my network.”

— Eduardo Besser, M.D.

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